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Kirk's funeral
The day you took command, you took command of me.
For five long years we sailed and we were masters of the sea.
Now I recall our years of love and loyalty as I
am forced to say a last, unheard goodbye.
When I release your hand at last, my heart will stay with you.
They'll lower you into the earth, and my heart will go there too.
Why did I let you go? I should have known as you had known;
you always said that you would die alone.
Farewell, my friend, whichever star you're steering to.
Wherever you are going, may your sky be blue.
And when my duty finishes and I too cease to be
I hope that you will reunite with me.
When I release your hand at last, my heart will stay.
The earth will take your body and your soul will fly away.
But for a moment longer I will dream the dream with you.
Wherever you are going, may your sky always be blue.
:iconjudin:Judin 2 0
Lay your head down, child
Rumpled bed
Waiting in the room
Cross the threshold
[Hands reaching out]
Five steps from the door
[Five times struck to the ground]
[Sharp fragmented visions]
Crawl under the duvet
[Turn around
We're waiting]
Don't close your eyes
Turn off the light
It wouldn't help anyway in a little while
Need to sleep
Wait for gravity to do its job on my eyelids
The room is not empty
Malice cold against my spine
Hunger scratching against my skin
Smile splitting my brain
Breath on my feet
I can't speak or move
They smile the smile
As the world turns grey
Gravity's heavy hand does its job at last
Kind unconsciousness
Come dream, come fairy land, come dawn
Used to be that morning
was the safe time
Used to be that daylight
had the space for expanding lungs
Now, like starched shadows
They stand always in my peripheral vision
That shifting limbo
I break slowly
My heart lives at a hundred miles per hour
Poor rabbit heart
Running itself to death
:iconjudin:Judin 0 0
Happy Birthday, Nenja
I watch you in your wild, careening flight
Free and brave, but threatened by bright fears
Darkness is your dress and drink and dream
Spilling from your soul to shape your years
Demons flock to you, you love them well
Nighttime creatures coming out to play
You are friend and playmate to them all
Sanity is not your chosen way
I rejoice to think how you have grown
From a timid thing, a whispering wind
Once I wished to teach you how to fly
Now I watch you trying out your wings
I am thankful I can walk with you
Down the road that stretches on ahead
And watch you grow to fill the light as well
As you do the shadows others dread
We celebrate your twentyfirst today
Hipp hipp hurrah, hurray, hurray, hurray!
:iconjudin:Judin 1 7
LotR: His City
This is his city, this was his home
these men were his to lead
I know their grief and sing his praise
I too have seen him bleed
These halls he walked, these stones he knew
To him this place was peace
I know his pride when high they raise
white banners in the breeze
What would he think if he could see
me in my livery?
Perhaps he'd laugh; he never thought
that war was meant for me
But at the gates there is a hoard  
Their purpose here is grim
He showed me how to wield a sword
I wield my sword for him
:iconjudin:Judin 0 7
Tonight I've gone through every damned emotion
From self-disgusted boredom through flat joy
And like a whirlpool in the personal ocean
I'm drained of lust and desperate to destroy
So paint my sky bright black, and urge the night lights
to dance around the bed in which I sleep
Perhaps in dreams I'll reach the dizzy sky-heights
and there release the fury that I keep
:iconjudin:Judin 0 8
LotR: Sonnet: My Father
Who knows the roads my father walked alone
And more when he was in fair company?
His days of youth and strength have long since flown
And all that's left is two-edged memory
Soon he'll come riding past my tower-home
Bent on his horse, but of clear eyes and heart
He'll leave with me his epic, red-bound tome
And then from Middle-Earth he will depart
On some white shore beyond the sund'ring sea
There waits a one who knows my father well
No grave will then be left of him to me
But I will have a story I can tell
At last the road that hails from his green door
Will carry him away to Valinor
:iconjudin:Judin 0 14
Når vinden rusker i trærne
Og vannet huler ut stein
Mens kulden fryser hver stjerne
Da våkner morkne bein
De temmer vinden, den raske
De stopper vannets gang
De fjerner kuldens maske
Til knoklers klaprende sang
Da gråter vannet for verden
Da skjelver vinden ved grein
Og kulden starter på ferden
Med tusen skrattende bein
:iconjudin:Judin 2 13
Natten ligger
over byen uten hager
I trange gater høres skritt
kun som ekko;
opphavet er alt langt borte
Det lukter svakt av regn og olje
mat og røyk
Asfalten er våt
og det drypper fra takenes (an)tenner
Der oppe er det kalt
Vinden rusker i skjærefjær
og lager bølger i vannpytter
Her kjennes ikke smugenes knugende trykk
og alt er blekt under himmelen
Bak bilmotorene, vinden
og skjærenes hese krig
ligger saksofonens bløte stemme
i varme kjellere, med vin
Alle er vi alene her,
i trange gater
og i lyse rom
bak mørke gardiner
Natten elsker oss
men den er ukjent
Sjenert gjemmer den sine hemmeligheter
i dypet av byen
der bare de få, raske og stille,
kledd i lange frakker,
får se dem
:iconjudin:Judin 0 18
HP: Poems of silly
Gilderoy Lockhart
Clever guy
Jumped from a building
but couldn't fly
Ronald Weasley
Likes to dress
in frills and lace
Greasy-haired git
Severus Snape
Sporting the IQ
of a sun-burned grape
Draco Malfoy
Pompous brat
Likes to pretend
he's a bouncing rat
:iconjudin:Judin 2 15
You come from a strange and distant land
You come to fulfill your destiny
You've crossed a turbulent, deep-blue sea
But why, Yussarian
Why, my knight
What desperate and binding plight
brings you to my door this bright
morning, in the amber light
of the sun dawning?
Go back to your loved but distant land
There are no dragons here to slay
and no more reason you should stay
Behind my door
lies the taste of blood and gore
You cannot save me, valiant knight
from nightmares or from dragon's might
:iconjudin:Judin 1 25
LotR - Bell
From far away a tolling bell
to wake me from my bed
and cries of wheeling, waiting birds
bring refuge from the dread
Come sunlight and come morrow-day
I've waited patiently
Outside my house you rise in time
but you are cold to me
There's hollowness and haunted dreams
that food and drink can't chase
No laughter of good company
can rocky paths erase
In this fair country, in the sun
my home is under hill
but when I hear the tolling bell
my heart will not be still
So fare you well, my childhood’s hearth
I'm riding to the sea
Where lithe, swift ship and wheeling birds
are waiting patiently
:iconjudin:Judin 0 21
LoHS - Kidnapped
It was a day like any other day in the headquarters of the League of Hilarious Superheroes. C&C-girl, Lemonade-girl and Banana-girl were eating breakfast in the kitchen. The Bat had just gone to bed, or ceiling, to be accurate.
Then Siren burst into the room. “RV-man has been kidnapped!”
The cry made Lemonade-girl drop her lemon toast and Banana-girl choke on her banana flakes. C&C-girl didn’t react at all, because she hadn’t finished her coffee yet and was so more asleep than awake.
“Who would commit such a dastardly crime?” Cried Banana-girl.
Everybody stared at her. Lemonade-girl was the first to speak, her eyebrows raised skeptically, “You’re kidding, right? It’s only the third time this week that this has happened.”
The blonde conceded, dropping her head, “I know, I know, it just seemed like such an appropriately dramatic thing to say.”
Lemonade-girl sighed and rose from the table, “We’d better go get him.”
:iconjudin:Judin 1 18
Do you weep behind your veil, Golden Bride,
for knowing there is someone else, close, unseen?
And while the groom is tall and strong, what of that
when there is sunshine in the smile of Boy in Green?
He cannot be with you today although he is
the rightful master of your heart, steady and true.
The groom whose eyes are pale and searching, desperate,
needs you more it seems, for shame, and so ‘I Do’.
Do not weep behind your veil Watcher fair;
soon will come the sunlight wedding of your prayer.
:iconjudin:Judin 8 10
God's big joke
We use our hands to nurture
What’s touched by them is torn
We speak words to entice them
They speak words to scorn
They belong to the evergreen forest
We belong to the deep, blue sea
They are bound to the earth forever
While we are doomed to be free
We don’t understand each other
I doubt we ever will
As boys are foreign creatures
And girls are stranger still
:iconjudin:Judin 1 13
School's end
Ma'am, you don't know me
But I know you
Your eyes are your son's
It's the same blue
He won't know of me
He never would
We were too much alike
So he never could
Ma'am, can you carry a message?
Something I need to say
It's nothing long, just a single word
You don't need to go out of your way
He will forget what has passed for sure
I don't mind that he will
But for tonight let him contemplate
and remember me until
The stars fade from the sky
Ma'am, will you tell your son "Goodbye"?
:iconjudin:Judin 3 13
Random V
And he laughs
and he laughs
and he laughs
and he laughs-
the clown
:iconjudin:Judin 1 14


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